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Say good-bye to overflowing bottles and messy spreads! Our pinnacle rate waste can liners offer durability, reliability and everyday ease.

Trash Can liners 43x47 100ct

SKU: 21554345618
  • Unbeatable strength: Made from high-quality polyethylene resin, these liners boost remarkable tear and abrasion resistance, permitting even the toughest weeds to be handled with out sweating or weaving!
    Leak-proof protection: The long lasting -layer advent creates a dependable barrier in opposition to leaks and leaks, maintaining your bin clean and reducing odors.
    Easy shipping: The hole (in selected sizes) makes separating individual bags simple and trouble-free.
    Wide range Selection: We offer varying sizes to fit any trash bin perfectly, from small bathroom bins to large waste bins.
    Peace: Focus on what’s crucial, not on your trash cans! Our liners are designed to last longer, reducing the threat of messy accidents.
    In addition to trash can containers, these liners are relied upon to hold all your waste for a longer period of time to give you peace of mind.                                                                                     

    Place your order these days and enjoy the difference!

    Our Trash can Liners description:

    • Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin
      • Two-layer manufacturing for immoderate strength
      • Leak-proof seal (non-locking) .
      • Sealed for smooth disassembly (available in determined on sizes)

    Trash Can Liners available sizes

    Our trash can liners can be used in variety of sizes applications like;

    • 10 gallon trash bags
    • 16 gallon trash bags
    • 21 gallon trash bags
    • 55 gallon trash bags
    • 55 gal trash bags
    • 55 gallon garbage bags
    • 60 gallon trash bags

    Deep Reflection, Inc offers a variety of trash can lines to fit almost any need. A complete list of sizes, colors and mil spec are listed below. 




    1.4 mil.

    100 cs.




    .5 mil

    500 cs.




    16 mic

    250 cs.




    1.2 mil

    100 cs.




    1.6 mil

    100 cs.


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